Single.. Simple.. and straightforward..!

BySameer Darekar

Single.. Simple.. and straightforward..!

Websites, nowadays, are turning back from multipage layout to single page layout. This may look bit old fashioned to those who followed web design and development for years. Are we really going back? Or like fashion world, same old stuff is getting promoted as new trend?

Answer is definitely ‘NO’ for above questions. Yes, single page is new trend but it is really new and far better that clutter people use to present as single page website in old days. It’s more focused than a standard website and more elegant than a mere landing page.

And another crucial factor… It yields higher conversion rates!

Nice design, great story, sparkling landing page would be of no use if they did not result in higher conversion rates. Sure, beauty, design and a good story are all great in and of themselves, but in the context of building websites there really is one metric that matters most: Conversion.

Every website we all build should have a primary objective. To generate new leads, to grow your online community, to promote a person or product, to drive more downloads, to sell more goods and services.

These are the things that a single page website is best at. It’s simple, straightforward design combined with a great story and visceral interactions propel site visitors along a single path towards that final goal. The conversion numbers have proved it works best again and again.

Let’s focus on single page with single goal – Conversion!